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About Language Café Online

Language Cafe began as a school in 2010 in Manchester, England. It was created by me, Heléna (middle photo), a girl from Manchester who wanted to make students more at home in their language study experience, to learn through connecting with people and cultures in a fun, relaxed, family-like environment. Now we've moved online with the same intentions, to keep our Language Café family connected all over the world and to reach out to more people through flexible and effective language courses online.


Our Mission

Finding a language course at the right time, right day and right place for you can be difficult. We offer courses you can complete according to your own timetable. Unlike other corporate, faceless online courses, we create a friendly, interactive online learning environment. Whatever your motivation, be it to gain a new skill, pass an exam, make new friends or learn more about other cultures, we help you to succeed through flexible and effective language training.


Our Students

Our students are of all language abilities, ages, nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs. Through language learning courses, they connect with each other to learn new words, cultures, literature, exam techniques, music and more. They come to the courses with all different language learning styles, needs and motivations.


Our Teachers

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book" (Unknown).


Our teachers are chosen for their love of helping others to succeed on their language learning journey. They are qualified, experienced and passionate about both learning and teaching.


Our Beliefs

1. Learners who are comfortable with others around them create a more effective learning environment.

2. Learners learn from each other.

3. Learners who are relaxed and enjoying the class are more engaged in their learning.

4. Learners have different ways of learning.

5. ​Learners have different daily schedules.​​

6. ​Learners need exposure to the language and opportunity to practise.​

7. Learners need feedback to improve.​

8. ​Learners need specific tools and techniques t​o become successful independent language learners.


Our Method

Our courses are designed by expert applied linguists  who understand the science behind learning and teaching language and how to make the process most effective. In our classes:

1. We encourage you to interact with your classmates and make new friends.

2. We give lots of opportunity to interact with both the teacher and your classmates, to share ideas, advice and challenges.​

3. We make materials interesting and tasks fun and interactive to keep you awake and engaged in the learning process.​

4. We provide a variety of tasks and exercises to suit the learning preferences of a wide range of learners.​

5. We offer courses at different times of the year where tasks and exercises can be completed according to your own personal schedules.​

6. We create the courses in the language you are learning to increase your exposure and create spaces for you to practise writing and speaking.​

7. Our teachers give individual and whole group feedback on written and spoken tasks and exercises and classmates give feedback to each other. 


8. We provide useful language learning tips and techniques and help you create a network of language learner friends so you can continue learning after the course has ended.​

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